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What we're about

Our work at Michigan Parents for Schools is shaped by the values and guided by the principles described here. We welcome all citizens of goodwill who share these values to work with us in ensuring that every child receives the best education our society can offer.

MIPFS Values

We believe that each child deserves the opportunity to develop their full potential as a person, as a citizen, and as a member of our broader community.

We believe that a broad-based education is central to helping children develop their potential.

We insist that every child have the opportunity to benefit from a quality education, and that strong and vibrant public schools are critical to ensuring that all children have this opportunity.


To secure these benefits for our children, and all who come after, we commit ourselves to supporting and strengthening our State's public schools.

We intend to be a voice for parents and citizens who value public education, and we work to make sure that voice is heard as laws and policies are made that affect education.

To help our fellow parents and citizens use their voices, we work to provide the information and tools we all need to express our concerns effectively.

We strive to work cooperatively with policy-makers, administrators, teachers, and other citizens to ensure strong and vibrant public education.

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