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Legislative hearings and testimony available for viewing

To make our legislative process more accessible to parents and concerned citizens, MIPFS is making video of important legislative hearings available online.

Latest: last hearings in House on EAA and committee vote

One obstacle for concerned parents trying to track what’s happening in the Legislature is that the process itself is not accessible to most people. Hearings are generally held during the work week, and access to video of the meetings is spotty at best. Now that the Legislature has ended its contract with Michigan Government TV, committee meetings are televised on a rotating basis and only available for live streaming from the House and Senate television services. Copies of meetings are not available for later viewing or download.

To partly remedy this, MIPFS will be video taping important committee hearings on education issues whenever possible. Details of the meetings and the available video segments will be available on this page.

h3. House Education Committee

13 March 2013, 2:20pm
Testimony and vote on HB 4369 Includes:

  • Representatives of MASA, MAISA and MASB
  • Helen Moore and Dr. Maiyoua Vang, residents of Detroit and Dearborn
  • Ellen Hoekstra, representing AFT-Michigan
  • Dawn Ducca, Michigan PTA
  • Don Olendorf, Van Buren Legislative Coalition
  • Tom Pedroni, College of Education, Wayne State Univ.
  • Sen. Bert Johnson (D-Highland Park) and former Rep. Mary Valentine (Muskegon)
  • Consideration of amendments and final vote

6 March 2013, 2:30pm
Testimony on HB 4369, establishing the Educational Achievement Authority as an entity of state government. Includes:

  • Chair Lisa Lyons’ introduction to the bill
  • William Rustem, representing Gov. Snyder
  • Dr. John Covington, Chancellor of the EAA
  • Dr. Mary Esselman, Director of Accountability of the EAA
  • Q&A of Rustem, Covington and Esselman with the committee
  • Steven Norton, Executive Director, Michigan Parents for Schools
  • Harrison Blackmond, State Director, Democrats for Education Reform

6 March 2013, 10:30am
Testimony on early childhood education, including Gov. Snyder’s proposal to expand preschool slots available in the Great Start Readiness Program. Joint meeting with House Appropriations subcommittees on School Aid, Human Services, and Education. Includes:

  • Susan Broman, Deputy Superintendent, Office of Great Start, MDE
  • Michael Van Beek, Director of Education Policy, Mackinac Center
  • Ken Sikkema, representing Children’s Leadership Council of Michigan
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