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Usage notes

We'll post some details about how to use the MIPFS web site and forum system here.


We've changed the site login system so that you can now use either your user name or your email address to log in. (This does mean that your username can't be the same as your email address, but that's not a good idea anyway.)

At the moment, we still require new members to respond to an email before they can fully log in and do things allowed only to authenticated users. This is primarily to ensure that new members really want to participate rather than spam our forums.

If you have other questions about how the site works, please feel free to post them!


As of this weekend (8 April), we've changed our login machinery so that when you register and login at any MIPFS-affiliated site, you can use the same credentials to login to other MIPFS sites. This is most useful for those of us who would like to be registered both with a local site (Ann Arbor, for instance) and with the statewide site. One login, one password.

However, your email notification settings are stored separately on each site. To receive email notifications of new content on both your local and the statewide site, you need to access your account from inside each site (see "My account" under Navigation), visit the "My notification settings" tab, and turn it on for each site. Likewise, you can receive notices about only one site, or have different settings for notices from different sites.

This change will also allow us at MIPFS to keep a consolidated database of interested parents and supporters, and reduce some of the duplication that resulted from having the sites totally separate.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info (at) miparentsforschools.org.

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