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HB 4054 SCHOOL VEHICLES (Hughes) Mandates enhanced rear lighting for school buses.

HB 4084 EDUCATION (Tedder) - Eliminates reading disability diagnostics course requirement for professional certification.

HB 4114 FOREIGN LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT (Kelly) Allows to be fulfilled by completion of computer coding courses.

HB 4314 - SCHOOL BOARD (Hornberger) Requires popular election of intermediate school board members.

HB 4315 - CURRICULUM (Griffin) Provides for 21st century skills credit requirements for high school diploma.

HB 4316 - CURRICULUM (VanderWall) Modifies foreign language and certain other requirements for high school diploma.

HB 4349 - CURRICULUM (Geiss) Requires elementary music and art instruction meeting certain requirements.

HB 4376 - SINKING FUNDS (Miller) Expands permissible use of sinking funds to include school bus purchasing.

HB 4398 SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS (Neeley) - Revises college credit requirements for individuals to serve as substitute teachers for kindergarten through 8th grade.

HB 4501- ACT WORKKEYS TEST (Reilly) Ends requirement that Department of Education administer the ACT WorkKeys test or similar assessment.

HB 4953 - ISD TAXES (Hornberger) - Requires popular election of ISD boards as condition of tax levy power.

HB 5428 - EDUCATION SAVINGS ACCOUNTS (Kelly) - Provides for tax deductions for contributions made to enhanced Michigan education savings accounts.

HB 5707 - TEACHER EVALUATION (Miller) - Modifies performance evaluation systems for public school teachers and school administrators.

HJR E SCHOOL AID FUNDS (Barrett) - Removes higher edu as permissable use of School Aid Fund.

HJR H RIGHT TO LITERACY (Camilleri) Provides for right to education and literacy.

SB 081 - COMMON CORE STANDARDS (Pavlov) Requires implementation of certain curriculum standards and assessments in place of common core curriculum standards and assessments in this state.

SB 544 - ENHANCED MESP (Colbeck) - Creates an Enhanced Michigan Education Savings Program.

SB 545 - ENHANCED MESP SERVICES (Pavlov) - Directs the Department of Education to determine what public school services are eligible for purchase using Enhanced Michigan Education Savings Program accounts

SB 548 - E-MESP SERVICES AND INFORMATION (Colbeck) - Requires a list of educational services offered if a school wants to receive Enhanced Michigan Education Savings Program dollars, requires prices for services being provided to be available

SJR A SCHOOL AID FUND (Jones) - Revises permissible uses of school aid funds.

SJR B FOUNDATION ALLOWANCE (Jones) - Ensures equal amount of per pupil funding for all local school districts by certain date.

HB 4001 - INCOME TAX (Chatfield) Provides for annual rollback on the income tax rate until zero.

HB 4014 - INCOME TAX (Lucido) Provides for credit for pay-to-play fees for students to participate in extracurricular activities at school.

HB 4045 - SCHOOL VEHICLES (Kosowski) Requires seat belts on new school buses.

HB 4046 - SCHOOL VEHICLES (Kosowski) Expands permissible use of sinking funds to include school bus purchasing.

HB 4181 - Revise requirements for employment as school counselor (Roberts)

HB 4192 CURRICULUM STANDARDS (Glenn) - Prohibit use of common core, national science standards

HB 4647 - Close MPSERS for new hires (Albert)

HB 5526 - A-F SCHOOL RANKING SYSTEM (Kelly) - Establishes letter grade system for ranking public schools.

SB 004 - INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX ROLLBACK (Brandenburg) Provides for and repeals annual rollback of individual income tax rate until zero.

SB 027 - STATE SCHOOL REFORM/REDESIGN OFFICE (Pavlov) Repeals section creating and prescribing duties of state school reform/redesign office.

SB 249 - Bar restrictions on use of sold school buildings that prohibit other schools (Shirkey)

SB 401 - Close MPSERS to new hires (Pavlov)

SJR D - BAN FOR-PROFIT PUBLIC SCHOOL (Warren) Prohibit operation of a public school on a for-profit basis.

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